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About Us


Stage One Steel Guitars is basically a one man operation located in Branson, MO. I have built approximately 1400 highly renowned quality pedal steels and several hundred volume pedals since 2006. The Stage One and Encore guitar models have proven themselves on every class of stage the world over, from Joe's local honky-tonk, churches of all sizes, Berklee College of Music, Vanderbilt University, the Grand Ole Opry, and venues overseas. 


Through the use of well thought out manufacturing processes, economical durable finishes and maintaining a low overhead with reasonable profit margins I continue to be able to offer a great instrument at a price that the average person can afford. I'll never lose sight that while these guitars are a great bargain in the marketplace they still represent a substantial investment. 


I have been interested in music, instruments, and performing since I was a little kid...that has been 55 or so years ago...and became involved in manufacturing pedal steels in 1997 under the mentor-ship of the great Bruce Zumsteg. 


I still have a few different people stop in occasionally and provide some help, most notably my great pal Eddie Lane. He is an experienced steel guitar mechanic of over 50 years and played on several Branson shows. Eddie has been indispensable to the success of the operation over the last several years.


Please do feel free to send an email, just use the contact form below. Though I don't always take new orders I will be pleased to add your name to the list if at all possible.


Doug Earnest

Branson, MO

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