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StageOne-Volume 2

The Volume Pedal


Length: 9-1/4
Width: 3-1/2

Toe, down position: full on  2-1/2
Heel, full on position: 2

Toe, up position, full off: 3-3/4
Heel, full off position: 1-1/4

Steel guitar volume pedal is designed to be comfortable to use in the seated positon.

It's a lightweight sturdy design with a modern potentiomenter and gear drive. It features a direct tuner out feature. Switchcraft jacks are used.

Shipping FedEx two day service in US address in the lower 48 states.

I take money orders, cashiers checks and good personal checks. PayPal also accepted, they charge a fee of $3.00

Email to order

Click on this link for Gregg Cutshaw's review of the Stage One Volume pedal. He has a very good website.

Cutshaw Review

$140 with shipping

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