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Stage One


The Stage One is the famous entry level pedal steel that is the pick of professionals! If features a simple mechanism, outstanding tone and tuning stability. Three four pedals and four knee levers standard equipment will provide you with the features needed to get that great professional sound. The mechanical setup of the guitar can not be changed, and does not need to be. See the Stage One setup chart. The $1475 price inludes a good hardshell case.

  • Ten string E9 tuning

  • Single width body

  • Cast aluminum endplates

  • Heavy duty aluminum legs. Both rear legs adjust. Made locally in the USA

  • Grover tuning keys

  • Three pedals, four knee levers

  • Hard case included

$1475 with case



The Encore model is the answer to those players who loved the Stage One model, but wanted to be able to have a different mechanical setup than the Stage One.

It features an all pull changer, triple raise and triple lower. Three pedals and FIVE knee levers are standard equipment, as is a very deluxe setup at no extra charge. See the Encore setup page for details.

Encore pricing starts at $2199. An extra floor pedal may be added at a cost of only $80. A quickly detachable armrest pad is a $50 option.

  • E9th tuning

  • Single width body

  • Three floor pedals

  • Five knee levers 

  • Heavy duty aluminum legs. Both rear legs adjust. Made locally in the USA

  • Re-knowned performance

  • Additional floor pedal available

  • Detachable armrest pad available

  • Hard case included

$2199 with case


Stage One Sound Samples

Click on the links to hear a nice sampling of the sound of the Stage One Steel Guitar.

Great sound does not have to cost a small fortune!


About the Recordings

These recordings were made with a Stage One steel guitar and a Boss RV3 delay/reverb pedal played through a Peavey Nashville 112 amp, direct miked. Thanks to Nashville session artist Michael Douchette for supplying the talent.

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